Annual Synopsis - 2013-2014
Presidents - Michael O'Connor and Bruce Sinkinson
"Engage Rotary - Change Lives"
This varied, interesting and active year was a credit to the planning and leadership of two presidents. In a surprise move, in December, President Mike O’Connor, was compelled to resign on health grounds. Bruce Sinkinson stepped up to guide the 2014 year.

A major highlight was the opening of the Children’s Playground Shelter and Barbecue at Claudelands Park and the resultant media publicity.

New activities included support for “Cactus” (Combined Adolescent Challenge Training Unit and Support Programme) initiated by the Police. As well we began support for the McKenzie Centre’s Children with Special Needs.  The Police person of the year award to P.C. Willie Cuthers garnered an excellent Government, Police, public and media response.

A Driver Education Programme at Fairfield College saw 50 successful students achieve their Learner Licences thanks to the work of Rotarian, Tracey Murphy; with a grant from Waikato Road Safety.

Science Summer Schools were again well supported, led by Seddon Polglase.  The Enviro Schools’ Programme under Graeme Kitto continued this year with participation from all 12 eligible schools and resultant positive media publicity. Rotary Readers were again active at Fairfield Primary School, but curtailed somewhat this year by an unscheduled kapahaka group.  Dictionaries were presented to Fairfield Primary and also now to Bankwood School.

International activities focused primarily on Taveuni Pre-School helped by a Rotary Foundation District Grant of $2000.  As well, the International Committee accumulated furniture, books and toys to make a further container load for Fiji.

The Book Fair, led by Peter Millar and with maximum club participation, was again a stand-out fund raiser, although constrained a little due to competition from the Winter Show and Royalty. Nevertheless engendering the usual excellent media support.

Club members accepted the challenge of support for the NSW Bush fire appeal, and, once again, the Shelter Box Appeal which raised some $13,500 including a further complete Shelter Box in the name of valued Rotary Friend, Manjit Singh.
President Mike O’Connor’s resignation mid-year, due to serious health concerns was a sad blow to the Club.  Bruce Sinkinson valiantly stepped up to continue a mighty year’s leadership.
Paul Harris Fellows honoured were Mike O’Connor and Graeme Kitto; and a Sapphire Pin was awarded to Bruce Simmons, while Mike Cahill was awarded a Sapphire Pin by District 9930 for his continued commitment to Shelterbox.