Annual Synopsis - 2007-2008
President - Ken Collier
"Rotary Shares"
In terms of fellowship, club spirit and community benefit the Annual Book Fair took pride of place. Under the guidance of Nelson Cullen and his team a net result of $37,000 was achieved.
The Trelawney Choir, with the support of Alan Jones, Elgar Henry and Rob Jones raised $10,000 towards Hospice Waikato.
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner raised $800.
Three of the Club’s nominees were accepted for RYLA.
The club became involved with ROMAC committing themselves to the care of Veronica Tilman from Timor Leste over a period of nine months while she underwent a series of operations to correct club feet. Ian and Diana Wood were Veronica's primary caregivers, with incredible support from a committed team of club members, Sacred Heart Girls' College, and other Waikato Rotary Clubs.
Other recipients of Club assistance were: FAIM Team, Shelter Box, The Rotary Foundation, Science Summer School, (five students sponsored), Asian Outreach, (with the provision of three more wells and pumps for Vietnam’s Steing People of Bhin Phoc), Kidney Kids, Trees for Survival, Fairfield College and World Vision. In addition, television sets and toys were provided for Waikato Hospital. The Hydrotherapy Trust was supported by Club members who helped raise funds by volunteering for duty at the ‘Hamilton 400 V8 car races.
A Rotary Friendship Exchange from Vermont was hosted, and a Family Fun Day at Claudelands Park was greatly enjoyed by the community.
The distribution of the Club Bulletin went from hard copy to on-line presentation. The move, led by Alan Jones, was well-received.
Nine Club members served on District Committees. 
A plethora of tartan and the Burns' Address to the Haggis were memorable features of a successful Scottish international night. 
Those honoured as Paul Harris Fellows were Diana Wood (District), Daphne Bell (District Community Award), Lynden Clements, Margaret Peapell, David Wynne-Jones, and Bill Parsonson (Sapphire Pin).