Annual Synopsis - 2006-2007
President - Ross Williams
"Lead the Way"
The Annual Book Fair led by Rob and Mary Jones, involved all Club members and produced a net income of some $31,000.
Club volunteers headed by Doug Haigh, Peter Millar and Mike O’Connor collected and restored beds and wheelchairs, packed a 40 foot container, and despatched it to Fiji. Wells for Vietnam’s Steing Tribe benefited by $1500 plus $2000 from a club member. Twenty-six television sets were presented to Waikato Oncology. 
Rotary Friendship Exchange teams from Turkey and Scotland were hosted, as was a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. Through the Matched Twin Exchange, one student went to Australia.
As recommended by Rotary International, a small committee worked on the Club Leadership Plan.
A quiz night led by Doug and Carol Haigh was a great success, an international night featuring China was much enjoyed and another excellent inter-school debate Took place. Fairfield Rotary Readers continued their valuable work at Fairfield Primary school, and a children’s Christmas party once again marked the end of their year. The Club’s Christmas party at Willow Glen was another success.
Mary Jones, Bruce Simmons and Leigh Vickridge were honoured as Paul Harris Fellows