Rotary Readers
Started by Rotarian Michael Timmins in 2002, our Rotary Readers Group catered for junior Fairfield Primary School Students who were nominated by their teachers and who may need some ‘one on one’ help with their reading.

Our Readers, having nominated a chosen day and time, read with individual children for around fifteen minutes per child. In the 1½ hours that the Reader is there, he/she will deal with up to six children.

The teachers really appreciated our efforts, as the children usually showed a marked improvement throughout the year, and the Readers reported a great sense of satisfaction and involvement from their valuable work.

As a natural follow-on from the year’s reading, Fairfield Rotary arranged the Children’s Christmas Party for all the classes from which the children came, (some 170 children). We provided the magic clown; Santa Claus; and of course his presents were all BOOKS!
Rotary Readers continued through to the end of the 2016 school year.
                  Michael Timmins with a young student