Claudelands Park Project
                                               Original 2011 Shelter                                                                                                                                                                         Play ground in recent years
Fairfield Rotary's initial involvement with Claudelands Park was in 2001, with the planting of trees as an extension to the adjacent Jubilee Park area.
In 2005 we provided funds for playground equipment, the initial shelter and paving, by selling named 'engraved brick pavers' to both raise funds and gain public buy-in. Funds for this were gained by the club's initiative in removing graffiti in the Fairfield area. In 2012-13 the club was involved with the upgrading of the grounds for a destination playground. Funds for this came from the clubs ongoing annual Bookfair, plus grants from various philanthropic trusts, to provide an additional shelter and electric barbecue. Two stories on this project can be viewed, one HERE and another in the Waikato Herald.
The club has not been involved in this latest (2023) upgrade, as it is heavily committed to raising funds towards a NZ$2,000,000 Hospice in Kathmandu, Nepal, plus support for the many refugees who are being settled in Hamilton. This latest upgrade necessitated the uplifting of all the bricks and their eventual relaying later. Unfortunately, during this process, some of the brick pavers have broken and cannot be replaced. Below is a list of names on the brick pavers that cannot be replaced. 
Our history here reflects the way Rotary likes to operate, being involved in the initiation of projects, which mature to the point where other organisations take over the ongoing operation. We appreciate the Hamilton City Council retaining the facilities established by the Rotary Club of Fairfield and honouring our involvement.
    An image of some of the original pavers.  
This is a list of people and organisations that donated brick pavers at the time, but were unfortunately broken during the upgrade in 2023:-
Jacob Morris Nissons
Conor Aldridge
Max Harvey
Jocelyn and Ashley Taylor
Maddi, Holly, Charli, Rosie, Liam, and Zach Miller
2009 RFE District 9930 to 5360 Alberta
Channelle Harrison
Joshua Highet-Jones
Jonathan Hodgson
William Hutchinson
The Vermeren Family, Hamilton
Caitlin Hawker
Becca Wood
Helen and Bradley Malthus
Leigh and Jean Vickridge - Fairfield Rotary
Matt and Brae
Mark and Ben Oliver
Salvation Army, Promoting God’s Love
Georfia Chapman, Auckland
Doug & Ruth Laskey, Chartwell
Susan, 1957
Jeremy Bimler
Ariki Thomson, Play Hard
Nicholas, Aimee & Hayley Farrell (2007)
Lola Jade Wech
Finelawn Instant Turf
Mark Lai, 20
Joshua Jonathan White, Hamilton
Fergus Jack Williams
Chris, Leanne, Taylor & Chelsea Simmons
The Inner Wheel Club of Fairfield
Graeme & Daniel Fraser
Gaye Rothwell
Therese Gaisreiter, 1920 – 2002
Alexander Scarff
Kerry, 1956